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Cognitive Dissidents: 001: Introduction

Today we introduce a NEW PODCAST , the “Cognitive Dissidents” Podcast.   Hosted by Bill Reel this podcast will tend to focus more on the psychology of religious belief and the mechanisms in place that encourage us to hold that belief.  We also want to spend time placing these mechanisms in the context of cognitive and faith development.  Once we see how these mechanisms work, we can begin to open our eyes more to truth and to the reality


4 thoughts on “Cognitive Dissidents: 001: Introduction”

  1. So a new podcast outside of Mormon Discussion or within Mormon Discussion?

    I would like to think this podcast will cover Mormonism from a Neutral to Positive perspective. I’m not really in the mood of hearing slander towards our faith.

    Sometimes it feels like we misconstrue our leaders intentions. I don’t want to see Mormon Discussion podcast become a mormon stories one… but it seems like it has taken that route, and now it feels like open mormon discussion stories.

    Not that there would be anything wrong with that, but I hunger for faith promoting materials, not reasons to side against the faith that I’ve chosen to embrace no matter what.

    For better or for worse, I chose this faith and it’s my responsibility to make the best out of the circumstances I have with it, not simply just chose to divorce myself from it.

    1. David, My main desires are the following. To be Authentic, to provide comfort and understanding for those who worldviews crumbled and whom are being blamed by their faith community for what has happened, and to give people new tools to discover truth and to make sense of the data. I will always try to be as faithful as I can but I also won’r cease discussing hard things. You as a listener are welcome to be selective on what you listen to and what you don’t. If you prefer to have some topics not be in your view, you are free to do what is needed to avoid those topics and maybe those podcasts all together. Also to your first question, we are in the midst of a transition on the podcasts where in the near future you will see these podcasts take on more individuality.
      Thank You
      Bill Reel

  2. You know I like hearing about hard topics, but I also like to hear about faithful conclusions. Where we don’t necessarily paint the church as the giver of our problems, but rather a choice on how we see that perspective coming about… half glass analogy.

    Does church causes us some pain and grief in our lives, of course it does, should we let go church entirely because of that, not necessarily. Is there a way we can hang on to church and let go of the pain, I’m all for that. We can discuss hard things and we should. But making it acceptable to let go, I’m not so comfortable with that… true we all need some space from time to time, but to alienate ourselves from (family or church members) this is not the way things ought to be.

    I want to be edified on how I can make church experience a positive one, despite the negativity. I guess I’m hurt from the facebook posts that you often make, you like to dig up past issues and throw it out there for everyone to look at and be disgusted by it. To what end, to make people aware at what was buried underneath there.

    Gosh I didn’t know there was so much mud down there, too bad it isn’t spotless clean like we were told, huh? So what are we going to do with those facts now? Abandon ship? Doesn’t matter which ship we are on since they all have mud underneath anyways.

    Before you go around bursting peoples bubbles make sure there is something around to land softly on. Together with the problem present a solution, because a problem isn’t a problem unless there is a solution… that would be just a complaint and we all know what complaints are good for.

    It’s just tasteless to throw out issues like that, and then cry foul when the church reacts negatively to how you act sometimes. As a listener I feel hurt with and by you, but overall you have provided great tools to make my life better, and I want to hang on to that which edifies, but so often your facebook posts leave me feeling down on the faith I’ve grown to love and cherish.

    Personally, I would like we build a case on how to make our church better or even the best. The one and only if possible. What would be the conditions where that can be possible.

    Sorry, I’m just rambling here… after all I am a cognitive dissident in many ways, just ask my ward members.

  3. Bill,
    Have you turned into Mormon Stories?

    I thought your purpose was to offer something different? More faith promoting?


    What is up, bro? Where do we go for something true to the LDS Church if you aren’t doing it anymore? What is your purpose?

    I am seriously bothered. Why are your shows so negative AGAINST the LDS Church? What happened? What changed?

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